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CETERIS Paribus is an educational point&click game aimed at providing basic economics literacy to players 13 and up. Kai is in need of last-minute help with their economics homework and Pavlos teaches them concepts, terms, and events through hidden-object and drag-and-drop mini-games. This engaging game will definitely get you!

Download the game (ZIP file)

Kai is in big trouble! Economics homework is due tomorrow and it’s too late to study. Luckily, Professor Pavlos lives right next door! Pavlos will not only help Kai complete their homework on time, but also explain economics practically, through the different ways it affects our lives.

Follow Kai across Pavlos’ house, discovering pieces of the old professor’s life in every room. Each piece teaches Kai something new about economics, in a simple and contextual way. Complete all rooms and finish Kai’s homework and you too will know the basics of economics!


In CETERIS Paribus you will:

  • Navigate a charming environment built in Unreal Engine;

  • Experience a combination of classic point-and-click adventure and hidden object games;

  • Discover open and secret rooms in Pavlos’ house, filled with memories and references to real historical events;

  • Learn more about economics in a fun way, maybe understanding terms such as “inflation” and “cryptocurrency” for the first time;

  • Decide for yourself if Pavlos is really a vampire or not.

Kai is anxiously awaiting your help!

CETERIS Paribus is a 3D educational video game built on Unreal Engine 4 by TFN's in-house developer.

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