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Understanding economics means understanding the world around us! That’s why people need to be equipped with better knowledge of what economists have theorised and discovered to be true of the societies humanity has constructed. Just those who are economically literate can clearly see their roles and responsibilities in the society which makes them better and active citizens.

CETERIS Paribus website is a freely accessible digital Hub increasing access to understanding, knowledge, and skills in the field of economics among young people, youth workers and organisations. You can find here various interactive and engaging materials and tools increasing skills and competences in economics. Thanks to them the users will comprehend, know, and act on important economic terms and laws and boost their civic participation in all democratic processes.

On the Hub you can find several interactive educational materials that will make your economic learning more fun! You will get familiar with several important topics through different engaging formats.

CETERIS Paribus online educational game will definitely get you! It will engage the player in an innovative multilevel historical adventure with the ultimate purpose of learning economics. Even though the main target group are young people, we bet that everyone will love it!

The CETERIS Paribus manual provides youth workers and educators with suggested methods and approaches they can follow to maximise their effectiveness in educating youngsters in different sub-topics of economics. Economic terminology and theories may be difficult to explain for those who don't have an economical background but our manual will help you!

CETERIS Paribus events will help the participants to improve their competences in the field of economics. First of them, the staff training in Slovenia will be focused mostly on key topics related to the CETERIS Paribus educational game. Multiplier events in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Greece will bring together representatives of all target groups including the national and EU policy and decision-makers will have the opportunity to discuss the project's direct results and long-term impact, as well as create networks with the possibility for future initiatives and other forms of multiplication.

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