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Kick-off meeting and other things equal

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

CETERIS Paribus, a new European project dealing with economic literacy, officially started at the kick-off meeting in Athens on 19 September 2022. Even though a 22-months long journey towards the project’s objectives started already in March, this was the first occasion that brought together all project partners from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia in person. They took stock of the activities done so far and made plans for the next steps.

Since not all of the partners knew each other, the meeting started by getting to know the core team members joining the project, followed by brief presentations of the partner organisation's activities and expertise. The rest of the meeting day was dedicated only to the project, whose full title is “Citizenship Engagement Through Economic Literacy Gamification in Adolescents”. It summarises the whole idea and goals: help young people be more active and successful in public space through competences from the field of economics and provide them with necessary innovative tools.

Those tools will be multimedia materials – videos, podcasts, info-graphics, interactive presentations, info-cards, and quizzes – and a 3D game with a story and hidden objects. The partners discussed the structure of the project’s website, detailed content of the materials they will be working on, and provided feedback on the first graphic design of the game. In addition, they jointly defined the timetable for further implementation of activities and dissemination of information about them.

The next steps are going to be development of these great results and all partners are looking forward to the process, through which they will explore many interesting information and contacts themselves.

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