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University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava


Jaroslav Mihálik, PhD.

Expert in the field of youth policy and youth work. As the faculty research leader, he was responsible for several national and international projects implemented at the faculty focusing on youth, youth political participation, and well-being. Currently, he is also the vice – dean for research and science of the Faculty of Social Sciences UCM. In the project, he will be responsible for a theoretical understanding of youth issues, as well as methodological procedures in the field of research on youth participation.

Monika Práznovská, PhD.

Young political scientist from her background with a focus on the European Union, its functions, and European Union policies. As part of his research, she focuses on EU policies, primarily EU monetary policy, which influences Member States' national policies. In the project, she will be an expert in the field of EU monetary policies as well as a faculty project coordinator, responsible also for event management and external communication.


Michal Garaj, PhD.

Political scientist from his background. In the research, his domain is community planning and community work. He has several experiences as a member of the international project consortium financed by H2020 focused on the wellbeing of young people. In the project, he will focus mainly on the financial literacy of young people (future voters as well as young voters).

Jakub Bardovič, PhD.

His research interest is closely connected with budgeting, participatory planning, and participatory democracy with special focus on young people engagements. His experiences in the project will be used especially in the field of motivation of young people to be active members of the democratic society.

Tatiana Tökölyová, PhD.

An expert in coaching and informal education. In the project, she will be responsible for creating educational materials in the financial literacy of young people, for the content of the educational activities  as well as developing suitable methods for implementing gamification in the field of financial literacy.

Marta Kuhnová, PhD.

Project manager at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2020 she was awarded by ERA Fellowship in the field of science project management. During the project implementation, she will be responsible for communication, controlling processes, and project management issues. She obtained a PhD. degree in the theory of education and she can offer expertise in the field of curriculum development as well as non-formal methods of education.

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